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Working with Uzbek defense lawyers

On Wednesday, May 27, Regional Dialogue’s subject matter experts – Lisa Guffey from US Federal Public Defenders’ Center in Washington, D.C., and Ranko Pelicaric as a representative of the EU Association of Advocates, from Zagreb, Croatia presented a shorter inter-active session for defense attorneys attending the weekly course that is mandatory for each defense lawyers at least once every three years to keep their license.

Conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Justice Training Center for lawyers, with Director Mr. Askar Gafurov and Deputy Director Mr. Mirzatillo Tillaboev, there were more than twenty defense attorneys from Tashkent, Navoi, Bukhara, Samarkand and other regions. Coming from different law firms from around the country, they had a lot of questions for their two colleagues on US and European practices. Both Lisa Guffey and Ranko Pelicaric were able to share a lot of information from their extensive experience, both in terms of defending the client, as also on relations with Bar/Chamber of Lawyers and on relations with other lawyers, as well as with prosecutors and judges.

Market being one of the main factors that – based on the quality of defense and their success in the process – In time develops credibility of lawyers and provides for their income. Both experts very openly shared their own personal experience and those from their US and European colleagues. Both experts and RD staff also had a separate discussion with the leadership of the Ministry of Justice Training Center and its faculty staff. The program was implemented by US State Department funding by its Democracy and Rule of Law Division.

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