September events in Samarkand and Bukhara

For Regional Dialogue, September was marked by intensive cooperation with the Uzbek Supreme Court and Chamber of Lawyers. On September 15,16, Regional Dialogue participated in discussions on the revision of Criminal Code and Criminal Procedural Code, entitled “Topical Issues of Improving the Criminal Justice: Experience of Uzbekistan and Foreign Practice”. Regional Dialogue provided two speakers - Massachusetts Supreme Court Hon. Justice Robert Cordy and William Leahy, Director of the Office of Indigent Legal Services for New York State. This event was followed by two workshops for regional judges and defense attorneys, entitled “The development of ethical conduct of judges and lawyers: experience of Uzbekistan and the United States”, conducted by Robert Cordy and William Leahy as US subject matter experts and senior Uzbek experts – Nodirjon Juraev, Director of Supreme Court Research Center, Muzaffar Akhmedov Deputy Head of Inspection department of higher Commission, Rovshan Akhmedov, Chairman of Camber of Lawyers. The workshops, conducted in Samarkand on September 17 and in Bukhara on September 21 were marked with very open and useful discussions among judges and defense lawyers on issues of the implementation of ethical and professional standards in their every day practice.

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