New legal literature for Uzbek judicial institutions

Regional dialogue facilitates handing over of legal literature to Uzbek judicial institutions, a donation of American University College of Law

After December 2015 donation of 86 books of American legal literature, donated by Boston legal community at the initiative of Boston College Law School that is partnering with Tashkent State University of Law, which was organized by Regional Dialogue, a similar donation campaign from the US legal community to their Uzbek colleagues was organized by the American University College of Law in Washington, D.C.

The initiative was started by one special woman, inspired by Regional Dialogue work Uzbekistan and the friendly support displayed by Boston legal community – Inna Pletukhina. Ina, a Ph.D. student of law, also working at US State Department, started a campaign at American University College of Law among professors, students and others from legal community in Washington, D.C. The initiative led to the unprecedented amount of several hundred collected books that weighed more than two tons and were shipped to Uzbekistan with the courtesy of State Department’s Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Department. The packing of books was itself an enormous effort, with many of Inna’s friends and colleagues generously volunteering their time to prepare them to be sent to Uzbekistan. Tom Malinowski, Assistant Secretary of State awarded the DOS Certificate of Appreciation to Dean Grossman of AU WCL for this exceptional gesture of American legal scholars to their colleagues in Uzbekistan.

Regional Dialogue collected the shipment in Tashkent and divided the boxes into four different piles to be distributed to the four Uzbek judicial institutions: Supreme Court Research Center, Higher Courses of General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Justice Training Center for Lawyers and Chamber of Lawyers. A solemn ceremony of books’ donations from American legal scholars to their Uzbek colleagues was facilitated by Regional Dialogue on May 27th, 2016 at Hotel Wyndham in Tashkent.

With a keynote address by US Ambassador to Uzbekistan H.E. Pamela Spratlen, recognizing the efforts of Ms. Inna Pletukhina and her colleagues facilitated by the Slovenian/Uzbek Regional Dialogue staff, senior representatives of all four Uzbek recipient institutions gathered for this event. Also present were diplomats of the US Embassy and European diplomatic missions, as well as three Regional Dialogue visiting subject matter experts – Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Hon. Robert Cordy, Sharon Reich Paulsen from Vermont University, Mass. State prosecutor Kevin Curtin, and Deputy Rector of Tashkent State University of Law.

The event concluded with friendly informal discussions among international and Uzbek guests. Regional Dialogue staff from Slovenia and Uzbekistan also recognized the important support of its State department donors from INL and DRL departments enabling further strengthening of professional links between Uzbek and Western legal communities.


Regional Dialogue publicly thanks Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan, led by Minister Mr. Ikramov, the staff of its NGO Department for their efficient support in enabling this enormous donation to successfully reach the Uzbek beneficiary institutions, as well as Uzbek Chamber of Lawyers and its Chairman Ravshan Akhmedov to kindly assist Regional Dialogue with the temporary storage of two tons of boxes with several hundred books at their premises free of charge.

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